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After finishing the Department of geological engineering at Hacettepe University, he entered the television and film sector in 2004 with the program “Musicare”, which he prepared together with his brother Onur Cengiz, on the ART channel. In the following years, while working in private media organizations and TRT Radio, he did animation work as a freelancer. Apart from his work in cinematography and fiction in two motion pictures and a domestic series, he has directed dozens of commercials and promotional films made to public institutions and the private sector. He made 3D animations abroad and domestically. He took over the installation and management of the White Balance animation studio. His passion for music, which began as a hobby during his school years, also passed on to the audience and listeners by participating in various bands as a bass guitarist, guitarist and vocalist. In 2017, together with two other friends, he founded the Ankara Astronomy Society in the field of Astronomy, another hobby. The artist, who is writing books about amateur astrophotography, still continues his work at the “Academy of deep Art”, which he founded together with his brother.