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She started her business life at TRT as an assistant to one of her teachers, Bilgin Adalı. She was the youngest director of TV channels at the age of 20 and the youngest director of TV channels at the age of 22. She later joined the core staff of Kanal-E, which continued its broadcasting life as CNBC-e, again as director of advertising. Kanal 6, Kanal D, ATV, Kanal e, Euroshow, CNN Türk, Habertürk and Expochannel are TV channels/brands in which their corporate identities and branding stages are actively involved. Corporate identity criteria established in the said periods are still maintained today with only minor revisions in the said Channels. She continued to make documentaries and commercials throughout all these years. She has over 1000 advertising films and 30 finished documentaries, some of which are award-winning. She also wrote the scripts for many of her commercials and all of her documentaries. One of her last two (feature) documentaries has been to 104 film festivals and the other has been to 62 film festivals, it has received awards. She was a member of the jury and chair of the festivals. She was a member of the editorial board and author of many well-known journals, some of which were diplomatic journals. More than 1,000 articles have been published in these journals. Exhibition curation turned his hobbies, such as photography, music, into work. She has written and continues to write novels, poetry, children’s books, comics and books with environmental awareness education content.