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Graduated from Hacettepe University Social Work Department. She worked as a social worker in various institutions affiliated with the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of family, labour and Social Services; she worked on the psycho-social, mental and physical development of children aged 0-18 years. In 20 years of his professional life, she worked especially with children aged 0-6 years, in the process studying the positive effects of finger games on children in preschool education. She plays a variety of instruments, including bağlama, guitar, cura, flute and percussion instruments. She also received trainings from various institutions and organizations in accordance with her skills in this field. During her secondary education, she played the block flute in the TRT “I learn block flüte” program. In 1981, she won first place with Esenevler High School, where she participated in the multi-voice choir, and gave concerts with the Presidential Symphony Orchestra. She continued her education in this regard while continuing her professional business life.

Nurten Korkut also has her own compositions related to finger games in preschool education and children’s songs. Nurten Korkut, who also conducts research on finger games and educational methodology, also follows International Studies on this issue. Korkut, who also participated in various studies of the Orff Institute, used the active role of finger games in in preschool educational methodology in her own trainings for many years and observed the positive impact on children. Nurten Korkut continues to conduct research on the more effective use of finger games in preschool education, and also follows seminars on this topic.